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About Me.md
About Me.md


I am Jeffrey Chan. I am a software engineer who resides in Hong Kong.

I specialises in frontend and backend development but feel free to contact me to discuss about anything.

I make software that's fun, and cool.

You can find me on X or contact me via mail

What I am learning.

🤖 Machine Learning

🤗 Hugging Face

🧑‍💻 Rust

What I worked on.

Arweave Today - daily dose of Arweave, delivered right to you

Permaweb Cookbook 2.0 - Redesigned & developed cookbook 2.0 for the Arweave community

SVG Editor - vector graphic designer app built with React Native

react-native-svg-editor - The library that powers SVG Editor

Amiibo concept page - Cool concept site with fun animations built with Vue.js & gsap

Pikabu tweak - Volume Hud tweak for jailbroken iOS devices

Some stats about me.